My family is a bit too exited for soccer. All day, they’ve either yelled “goal” or “nooooo”. I am that one person not participating.

ihatemyselfihatemyselfihatemyselfihatemyselfihatemyself. I want to die. I want to sink in a hole and forget everything. I want everybody to forget I even existed. Ihatemyselfihatemyself


Right when I start feeling better about myself, some ignorant people have to knock me back down. One little girl telling me I look like a guy, while a girl around my age has to hate on me because of what makes me happy. What. The. Ever-living. Fuck. I think I should be allowed to enjoy what I like. You can’t hate me because I like a certain thing. If you don’t want to see what I enjoy, you can simply unfollow me so that your Tumblr dashboard can be rid of cats. As for the little girl, FUCK OFF. Why can’t you let me feel beautiful?

I will not say the names of these girls for privacy purposes.

Message: If you don’t like me, leave me alone. You can’t hate me because of what I enjoy. And it is not nice to insult people. Even if you think the insult is valid. 

Don’t you hate it when people pretend to be your friend?
Like, if you don’t like me, don’t hang out with me.

Instead of talking to me like I’m valued, be honest and tell me you don’t like me. Don’t be fake